Secrets of a River Swimmer

A beautiful funny life-affirming novel…

As Freddy gazes at the majestic river gushing past him in the depths of a Scottish winter, he’s ready to jump in and end his life. But what happens next is not what Freddy expects. From the moment he enters the river, Freddy starts a journey which is more beautiful, funny, and mysterious than he could have imagined. And through this journey Freddy’s story becomes interweaved with a cast of unforgettable characters who are equally lost and in search of answers. Eventually they all unite in their quest for an answer to the biggest question of them all: will the river take them where they want to go?

"S.S. Turner has written a profound story that is about all our lives. He has found the connection that makes us all the same, while remaining unique. His words will resonate with every reader as they see themselves, find themselves embedded in them. You will not escape, you will not want to escape from the depth of your own world he reminds you is yours to be lived, to survive and thrive. I am honoured to have read an advance copy of Secrets of a River Swimmer and cannot recommend it highly enough."
Heather Morris
Best selling author of The Tattooist of Auschwitz

“This is an amazing story full of heart break, full of hope, and ultimately full of inspiration….By finding yourself by trying to help others yet having the courage to say no when helping others betrays yourself. It’s all wrapped up in this inspiring tale of a journey down this river”

“This is a beautifully written, almost lyrical, account of one man and how the river saved his life…It’s magical at times, tragic at times, laugh out loud funny at times.

It not only entertained me, it uplifted me. It’s hard to believe this is the author’s first book”

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