Swimming the River Tweed

As most wild swimmers will testify, the world’s best swimming spots are often the least known about and talked about. There’s something special about swimming in a beautiful spot which is raw and peaceful without a cast of thousands around you. That’s what the River Tweed is for me. It’s well known as a wonderful …

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The three waves of grief

The lake’s surface was silky smooth and reflected the sky back at itself with greater clarity than the original. He watched the reflection of the birds flying above the lake, and noticed one of them appeared to smile downwards. Had it noticed his presence, or was it gazing at its own reflection? He didn’t know. …

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Building your profile as an author

How can a new author build their profile amidst the vast world of writers, many of whom are already well-known? It’s a question I’ve been grappling with in recent months. I’m the author of Secrets of a River Swimmer, an inspirational and humorous fictional novel about a journey within a cold Scottish river. The book …

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